February 18, 2014


I finally did it.. I made the jump to WordPress. 
Here is my new link. 

Comments on this blog have been disabled and I SO hope you'll join me over in my new home. Looking forward to seeing you there! :) 


February 17, 2014

Housing, Health,Teeth, Stress & Prayers

Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to thank you for all the comments you left about my last post and give you an update. The home I posted about previously, the super small one. Well, we aren't moving there. After giving it some thought there were just too many cons that outweighed the pros. Such as, the size for one. 860 square feet is super small. Then I found out that in order for me to be able to access the basement which is unfinished and get to the washer and dryer I would have to go, "OUTSIDE" because there is no access to the basement from the house. That would have meant dragging my laundry outside the house to the backyard and down steep concrete steps to a dark, dank , concrete basement. Umm, maybe if I was 21 I wouldn't mind but at 43 and in my health it wasn't going to happen. 

In between this post and my last there have been a few other homes we have been working with, one in upstate NY and another in Pennsylvania. Both have fallen through. I don't know what is wrong with people. They say one thing, agree to everything and then when it comes down to signing a lease they either disappear or they change their mind at the last second. Yes it's happened to us.. 

Currently, we are working with a man who owns a home in PA about an hour and a half further from my family but I can handle that. So far all seems to be going well with this one. I will know more tomorrow.

On a different subject.. As if we don't always have enough things happening at once, my husband will be going in for some digestive diagnostic testing on Thursday of this week. He's been in a lot of pain along with a lot of bloating which makes him not want to eat. We are both pretty concerned and scared as well. So Id like to ask a favor of you. Would you please kindly keep Lou in your prayers that it's not anything serious? I can tell you that neither of us will be able to handle it if it is.. Thank you..

As for me, my teeth are still an issue. Just last night a tooth on the bottom that is broken decided to abscess and my jaw blew up like a balloon. I went to my MD today who put me on an antibiotic and it must work quickly because by this evening the swelling was already going down. Thank you God for small miracles. I also called the dentist I saw in December and while I don't have the money to really begin getting my teeth healthy, his office manager who is a very nice woman quoted me a price of $266.00 to get the two teeth on the bottom pulled that are broken and causing me problems and she is giving me a 5% discount. So I will go in March. Please pray I don't get another abscess before then. 

I think I have brought you all up to date as of right now. Will post again soon. I hope all is happy and healthy in your world.. 

January 21, 2014


Hi everyone, 

I wanted to give a small update on our housing issue. It "seems" we have found a place to live back in New Jersey.. We have spoken to the owners quite a few times and they sent us a lease via E-mail on Sunday. It is a five year lease which I understand is pretty unheard of but for us, its a good thing because not only are we moving we also have to get our credit back in line and rebuilt. That will be a whole other story for a different day but, five years gives us a good amount of time to do that. We are also able to take our dogs with us and, as most of you know, they are our children and the thought of not having them with us was just, well if you love a furchild of your own then you know what I am speaking about. 

As many have done and are doing, we are also downsizing in a major way. The house we are too rent is much much smaller than the home we live in now. Like, much smaller. My house here in South Carolina is 17 hundred and some change square feet where as the new rental is only 864 sq.ft.. My husband isn't too happy about but honestly, the smallness doesn't bother me. I rather a smaller home. With my limited energy and physical strength it will be much easier for me to take care of.

As for the financial aspect, I couldn't understand why the rent was so cheap especially for the area it's in. If you know anything about New Jersey then you know almost everywhere is expensive to live no matter if you're renting or your buying and the area we are moving to is well, let's just say it's a very "money" area, pretty much smack dab in the middle of northern New Jersey. Back to my original thought. I couldn't understand why the rent was so cheap AND it also includes all utilities except my cable and phone bill.. For the area I am moving to this is UNHEARD of..So I've been scratching my head. The owner sent me photos, the home is really nice, the landscaping is really nice, the area it's in is very very nice so I thought there has to be 'something!"..When I got the lease on Sunday night I was finally able to Google the exact address and thats when I think I may have found out why the low rent with the utilities included. 

When we were talking to the owner my husband had asked her how many square feet the home was and she was honest, she said she didn't know but she would ask her husband. Well we had so many phone calls going back and forth and we were just so excited that we are FINALLY going home and the location the question got forgotten about. The owner also had mentioned that it was near a train station but neither of us elaborated on that.. When I Googled last night, thats when I found out the home is only 864 sq.ft. and... the railroad tracks run pretty much behind the house. So these two things MUST be why it's so cheap. Being from NJ mostly all my life I know that in this area, most people who will rent a home there are what used to be known as (maybe still are) yuppies. You know, career centered people who make tons of money, commute to the New York City everyday etc etc and if that still holds true I can't see a couple wanting to rent such a small home right next to the railroad.. Maybe I'm wrong? If anyone from Jersey is reading this whats your take on my theory? Am I far off?

So those are the negatives of this home. Small (which I really don't mind) and the railroad but the positives much outweigh the negatives for me. Firstly, financially we will be able to save atleast $1000.00 a month to put in the bank to go towards my much needed dental work. Where we are now, our bills are so high and the mortgage is so high we can't save anything. Secondly, it's close to New York City and also good hospitals and doctors in New Jersey which I WILL need and lastly its only about 35 minutes away from both mine and my husbands families and friends. I can't ask for anything more as far as that goes. It's everything we need. So I can deal with the small house and the railroad, no problem..

We haven't signed the lease yet but that will come probably in the first week of February and in the next week or so my family is going to take a ride up to the house to check it out just to make sure it's exactly the same as the photos that were sent to me. Once the lease is signed that will be it and we'll be packing over the next few months and pulling out of South Carolina the last few days of May.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for reading my post.. Do you have any thoughts on anything I wrote? Maybe some advice?

January 19, 2014

Too Much Crap....

Yes, I am still around.. Sorry it's been so long but as I've said in the past, life has a way of getting in the way a lot of the time..I thought I'd post an update for you if you're interested and I will try and keep it brief but I make no promises.

We have had a lot of well, crap going on..

Living Situation: Lou and I decided a few months ago it's time to move back north. My health has suffered here and it's not going to get any better. The more doctors I see here the more they have no idea what to do with me. Also, I can not take being away from my small family anymore. It's been almost 14 years that I have lived here and I can't do it anymore. Plus, my eldest nephew is becoming a first time father in April to a blessing of a baby girl whose name is "Olivia Grace", I love the name. So it is time to leave and go home. We have been actively looking for a place to live in NJ, NY and PA but its not been very easy with 6 dogs. I have had many inquiries of people telling us they will rent to us with the dogs but so far, no money has changed hands and nothing is concrete so Lou and I have been living in a kind of limbo which I can tell you is not the best way to live but for now we don't really have a choice.

At first I was trying to rehome some of the dogs. I tried and tried, word of mouth, ads, internet ads, rescue groups.. nothing.. then as I sat here one night just before someone was to come and look at Lizzy the next day and more than likely would have taken her home, I panicked. I couldn't handle the thought of losing them. That may seem insane to some of you but if you have an animal that you love like a child then you'll understand, if you don't then you won't..I know there is a place for ALL of us and it will come. I just keep praying and putting our lives in Gods hands and it WILL come..

Then there is the subject of my teeth. As most of you know and incase you don't I will give a brief background. I've been sick for 20 yrs, lost my ability to swallow 98% of solid foods over 10 yrs ago so my nutrition is not the best. Due to this most of my teeth have broken an fallen out. I finally was able to afford to go to a dentist for an initial appointment the second week in December. I have no health insurance which is why it took so long. Anyhow, the price quoted me just to begin the work was $2000.00. I almost fell over.

This past weekend I went to see another dentist whom I was told about through a friend. My friend said he had spoken to this dentist, told him about me and the dentist said he would do the work pro-bono. I thought to myself seriously!??! Someone will actually out of the goodness of their heart help me just because they want to help? So this past Saturday I had my initial appointment. -Unfortunately, there must have been some mis-communication on someone's part because there was no "pro-bono" and infact, he quoted me $4000.00 and I almost passed out. There was also another issue with this doctor whom I was told was such a nice man and for the most part he was but he also wasn't. I"ll post more on that at another time.

So, I am back where I started with my teeth or whats left of them. The only way I can see clear of getting any kind of help is moving back home into something smaller with a smaller rent payment than my mortgage is and saving as much as I can. Then I can begin to get my mouth fixed. I hope..

These things may not seem a lot but it's all been dragging out over months and when it seems your living in some kind of limbo in almost all area's of your life by the time 9 pm comes your brain is so tired of thinking and from talking the last thing you want to do is sit down and right about. Thats why I've been so absent.

If you have any questions on anything I posted here please leave a comment and I"ll get back to you as soon as I can and I do hope to be back to blogging more by atleast next week..

December 6, 2013

Tis' The Season....

The weather here has just been so crazy!.. Last week it was SO horribly cold.. That bitter cold and now the last 3 days it's been in the 70's and today we may have even hit 80.. I kept the AC off in the house for as long as I could until around 7pm when it was still 81 degree's in my house and couldn't take it any longer.. Supposedly, "winter", well winter for South Carolina is to come back by Sunday. We shall see..

On another note, the hub started feeling really sick yesterday(Thursday). I hadn't been feeling well for a few days, some sinus headaches which is nothing new for me but by this morning? I was SICK... Good thing I had called the doctor to make an appointment for today (Friday) because I just "knew" it was going to get worse and sure enough it did.. By the time the man and I got to the doctor this morning we were both running a fever and just sick all over.. We got tested for the Flu but thank goodness it was negative. We both have pretty bad sinus infections so the doc put us on antibiotics.. It's bad enough when one of us is sick leaving the other all the responsibility of things but when we're sick together it's just rotten but I still feel blessed.. 

Hope you all had a good day today! :)

December 3, 2013

Dental Update...

Today, Tuesday, I was finally able to get in to see a dentist with the money I was gifted through my GoFundMe page. I was able to get a complete exam and a full set of X-rays. 

To say I am a bit out of sorts, somewhat confused and very upset would explain my feelings very well at this point.. 

It turns out as the doctor said, "I have more going for my mouth than I think I do" but thats not to say it isn't bad nor is it to say that I don't need major work done..

The bottom lines are thus : All of my top teeth except for two need to be pulled. He then wants to put in a partial on the top. 

All of my bottom teeth except four need to be pulled and he wants to put in another partial.. 

My gums need to be 'bled?" That confused me a bit...

After all is said and done, the price I was given today for just the top work and only half of the bottom work is ................$1988.00....NO they do not do payment plans, I have no insurance, I can not qualify for Care Credit nor can I qualify for a loan...So as it stands, MONEY is what is standing between myself an a healthy mouth and no pain which I am in pain in a few teeth. 

All of his treatment plan, although lots of work and I'm sure lots of being uncomfortable sounded like music to my ears.. Maybe I could FINALLY have my mouth healthy and looking healthy and maybe I would feel a little better physically and then.......... I was slapped with the reality of how much it would cost.. 

At this point, I am completely lost because it may as well be $10,000.00.. I don't have 2 grand to get started, I can't get a loan and with all the bills we have to pay there's no way to save it.. Even if I did save $100.00 a month it would take me 2 years almost to save enough to even begin. I am at a complete loss and tonight feeling very very hurt over it all.. 

Sorry my update wasn't better...

December 2, 2013

Little of This, Little of That...

Whew! Remember me? I know I've been gone from here a long time, sorry about that.. Things happen.. Also, sorry no photos in this post. Would you like to know where I've been? Read on.. 

Actually, I haven't really been anywhere, just not here. In the past two months we've had a lot going on or planning major things that I hope will go on.. The biggest one is, moving. The time has come to pull up stakes here in South Carolina, accept the defeat, end the agony and move back North. Sounds easy right? Wrong.. There are quite a few obstacles in our way that I am 'trying' to get around but it seems there are no quick fixes for. Firstly would be our six dogs. While I never, ever thought Id' be the kind of person who would give up her furry kids the time has come where I need to think with my head and not my heart. (not easy for me to do) but the bottom line is, my health is in jeopardy and my life has to come first this time. So having said that, I've been trying without much success to rehome my three big dogs. "I thought I had a home for one or two of them, the woman even came to my home and spent two hours here with Matty and Jake and then turned around and never called me back again. Since then, not much action with finding them new homes. 

I finally sold my bedroom set. It took me like a YEAR but I let it go for an insanely low price and I guess thats what did it. I downsized majorly but it had to be done. The set I had was beautiful but it was also a HUGE 4 poster bed and all the other pieces were just as huge and my room simply is not big enough. 

I also placed an ad on Craigs list about looking for a home to rent in the PA, NY area. I've gotten a few bites but unfortunately not anything we were looking for except one. I spoke to these nice people who spend 6 months in Florida and they left for Florida the day after Thanksgiving. This home would be perfect for us AND they said we could bring our dogs with us. The woman was supposed to email me photos of the inside of the home they have for rent but she never did. I am seriously hoping she just got caught up with Thanksgiving and then going to Florida. I have her numbers both in NY and Florida and she has mine and she said she will keep in touch with me (since we aren't planning on moving until around May 2014) and I hope she means it. We shall see.

In the meantime, we still have to live in our home (which we'll never be able to sell, whole other story for another day) and I decided well, since we are kind of in a "living situation limbo" since we are still here I want to redo our bedroom since I have been wanting to paint for the last 10 yrs. So, thats what we did.. Well thats what hubby did. I've not been feeling well at all so I wasn't too much help for him. He finally painted the walls, primed and painted all the wood work and doors and we finally got new carpeting. Then we shopped for about 48 hours for furniture. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I LOVE to shop but when it comes to furniture shopping? I ABHOR it.. On the third or fourth day of going to this store, that store, thrift stores etc we finally agree'd on a set. Hubby had a week to get the walls painted, wood work and doors painted and the new carpeting in which, he did and our new furniture was delivered the day before Thanksgiving. I'll try and get some photos up. The decorating isn't done but the room looks MUCH better.. 

Why would I do this if we are planning to move? A few reason.. Firstly, we have no idea right now where or when we will be moving only that we will be. Secondly, if any of you have been following my blog for any period of time you also know that I've been sick for many many years, and my chronic illness has taken a severe toll on my teeth and no amount of dental work is going to save them. Trust me, I've tried many times and spent thousands only to end up in the same position. I even tried an online donation webpage to see if I could get some help but was only able to raise close to $300 thanks to some very generous individuals. Unfortunately I'm going to need much more than that but it's a start. So I figure, since we don't know 'when' we will be moving and I 'will' be seeing a dentist to start this process, if I have to be recovering, I want my surroundings to be comfortable and calming. The way my room was before was a mess, everything from the walls to the floor and no you couldn't relax in here. NOW I can. That is why hubby did the work he did. As for the dentist, I have my first appointment tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 11 am for X rays and to see how much it will cost to have them all pulled and anything else I need and I am PRAYING endlessly that they will agree to a payment plan and one I can afford since I have no dental insurance because this HAS to be done. It's gotten that bad. I will let you know how it goes.. Please say some prayers for me..